Why most hardware stores miss out on thousands of customers

Google Searches for Hardware Stores
17Jul, 2018

You built your store behind a brick wall.

Not physically, but digitally. No one can find you and you don’t even realize how bad it is for business.

Google Matters

What happens when a customer needs something? They Google it.

Yet, how often do hardware store owners check to make sure they show up in Google for their products and services? Almost never. In fact, most stores make the mistake of thinking that a landing page on the corporate website is good enough. It’s not. Not even close.

There are 40,000 searches on Google every single second. Over the course of a day that amounts to 3.5 billion searches. For hardware stores, that means that every single day there are a minimum of a few hundred people searching for products you carry and services you offer.

Google is the best marketing opportunity that exists.

If you’re not actively trying to show up in Google for as much as possible you’re making a mistake. The big box retailers understand the power of Google to drive customers into their stores. That’s why they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on Search Engine Marketing.

Luckily for hardware stores Google favors local brick and mortar businesses. If you have a brick and mortar location that is a huge advantage for showing up in search results in your area. In order to accomplish this you need a website built to take advantage of this configuration and it needs to be managed. (Something the Hardware Store Websites team knows a thing or two about.)

To highlight the opportunity you have to gain new customers we’ll check out an example.

The Case of Cary, North Carolina

To illustrate the power of Google we are going to use the suburban town of Cary, North Carolina. This is a suburban town of a couple hundred thousand people spread across 59 square miles. The demographics of Cary are similar to the markets where many independently branded hardware stores call home. In fact, Cary is home to quite a few hardware stores.

How many searches for hardware products happen in Cary?

A Lot.

Hardware Store Search Results

Most Hardware Stores Don’t Show Up

The reality is that Google offers tremendous opportunity to attract new customers. Yet, many hardware stores do not even have their own website, let alone a website that is powerful enough to rank highly in Google. Day after day stores miss opportunities to attract new people from Google and into their business.

The process of ranking in search results takes discipline and effort. But seeing increased foot traffic and new faces walking through your door is worth it!

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Keegan Edwards is the CEO of Hardware Store Websites.

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