What to do if your website says not secure

Not Secure
13Jul, 2018

Did you notice that your website says not secure? Don’t panic. You can fix this. But you need to know why it happened. Here’s what is going on in the web world.

Web Security

Starting in July of 2018 Google Chrome began to mark websites that don’t use HTTPS as not secure. If you take close look at your domain name you’ll notice that your website probably uses the old HTTP. The S stands for Secure. You receive the S when you install something called an SSL Certificate on your website. To fix this problem, just remember the term SSL Certificate when you talk to your web developer.

What does it do?

A website using the HTTPS will do a better job of protecting customer information when it is exchanged on a website. Believe it or not, when you submit a contact form on a website that is not using HTTPS there is a chance that a hacker can steal that information before it reaches the person you intended to send it to. Using HTTPS ensures that hackers cannot do this by encrypting the data when it is passed from the website to the person you intend to send it to. Therefore, even if a hacker gets their hands on the information there is nothing they can do with it. So they can’t steal someone’s personal information or identity.

Why are Google and others doing this?

The major web browsers are doing this to protect consumers. Just like you didnt know why your website was marked ‘Not Secure’ most consumers don’t know that their information is at risk on a HTTP driven website. This ‘Not Secure’ message helps protect consumers from identity theft or worse.

What should I do now?

Contact your web developer or domain hosting company and ask about an SSL Certificate. These certificates come at a reasonable cost. You may pay an annual or monthly fee in order to receive one for your website. If you need help, contact your developer to help you get set up.

If you’re already a Hardware Store Websites customer then don’t fret! Your website already comes with an SSL Certificate. Rest easy, you’re in good hands!


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