What to do if your website is not mobile friendly

what to do if your website is not mobile friendlly
13Jul, 2018

Unfortunately, 17% of small business websites are not mobile friendly. That is a problem. Why? Because 79% of people say they will leave a website that is not mobile friendly and look for another business. You might as well put your competitors phone number on your website!

Let’s break this down. Around 52% of website traffic for small businesses now comes from mobile devices. That means that if your website is receiving 1,000 visits per month then about 520 visits are coming from mobile devices. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website then 410 visitors per month will leave your site!

To be clear, in this scenario, you’re encouraging 410 visitors per month to visit your competitor’s website.

What can you do to make your website mobile friendly?

The short answer is to build a responsive design website. This format means that your website will respond to the type of device that the person is using. When a person visits your website on a smartphone the website will respond by laying itself out for a smartphone. When someone visits your website on a tablet the website will respond by laying itself out for a tablet.

Explainer Video about Responsive Design

How to build a responsive design website

If you’re using an agency to design your website they will likely build it on a responsive platform. However, it is important that you still check to make sure. If you’re planning to build the website yourself using a do it yourself platform make sure you pick a template designated as responsive.

If you’re working with Hardware Store Websites, don’t worry, your website is already mobile-friendly, tablet-friendly, laptop-friendly, desktop-friendly and even smart TV friendly. We’ve got you covered!

For questions about responsive design contact us! We’re always happy to talk websites.

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