Google Ranking for Hardware Stores

What does Hardware Store Websites do to improve my Google Ranking?

When customers intend to shop locally they begin with a search online. In fact, 76% of local searches lead to a store visit within a day. Google is a powerful platform for local businesses. But, in order to maximize your results, you need to invest in your website.

What is Google looking for?

Google is looking for the best answer to the question that someone is asking. How does Google decide which hardware store should show up first when someone searches for a hardware store near them? They pick the hardware store they are sure is the most legitimate answer? The same thing happens when someone searches power tools, grills, patio furniture or hammer!

The website that comes up first is the one that can demonstrate to Google that they are the best answer for what the person is looking for.

What we do for your Hardware Store

  1. Responsive – A responsive website is a must have for a store. This platform means that your website will work well on any size device. A mobile friendly website is a must for ranking well in Google.
  2. Landing Pages – Your website will come complete with all the landing pages necessary to help you rank higher in Google. This includes pages about all the departments in your store, the services you offer and the brands that you carry.
  3. Blog Articles – We write the blog articles for you. Every single month we write and publish two new blog articles to your website. These articles target the interests of your customers. Choose from our library of articles or request something specific in advance.
  4. Monthly Updates – Google favors websites with up-to-date information. We take care of those updates for you! Every single month we call you to find out what is new in your store. Then we update your special offers, store events, bulletin board messages, images, landing pages and more.
  5. Google Tools – We set up and update all of Google’s tools for you. This includes Google My Business, Google Analytics & Google Search Console. These tools are extremely important for sharing information with Google about your business.
  6. Social Triggers – When you take advantage of our social media offering we’ll even post information from your website directly to Facebook and Twitter. This helps send valuable triggers to Google to pay attention to your website and the traffic it is getting.

What are the results?

At Hardware Store Websites we know results matter. That’s why we want our customers to see the results of our efforts for them every single month. We share a report that includes all the keywords your business was found for in the last month. This includes the main keywords that people used to find your business online.

Want to take an in-depth look? No problem. Schedule a review with your Specialist anytime and explore all the keywords used to find your local business. Your Specialist will work with you on plans to make sure you come up for all your services and products in your direct market area.

Want to learn more about our services?

Schedule a demo with one of our professional sales representatives. They will share their screen with you and walk you through our website program start to finish. Expect more from your website and choose the professionals that can help deliver.